Speech is silver but silence is gold…

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Dear readers, Dear riders,

This morning, I am sending you a small invitation, a request.

– What about ?

About the prejudices you – we all – feed more or less consciously towards our horses. Yesterday, I was led to land on an almost unknown horse at the request of its owner because she wanted to see him evolve. I accept with pleasure: the lady is extra, asks me nothing complicated, the horse seems really sweet, and it’s been a while that I work on the ground.

In short, I am launched. A few strides later, with the concern to avoid any complications compared to the stallion that evolves in the same space, here is my lady who said to me: « Be careful though, He’s no longer a stallion, but it’s not long. « . I replied, laughing, « Well, go ahead, make me afraid! « 

Yes, I laughed because I did not really believe in it and felt confident at the time, on that horse … and under surveillance. However, only the words « Be careful, » I felt my muscles stiffen for a moment.

Currently, I am not afraid of anything on horseback but it is not the case of everyone and, as everyone knows, stressed rider = accident on arrival. OK it’s a nice shortcut I just invented.

However, think about it: the intention was adorable (avoid that I approach the « competitor » too much and that I scare myself in case of stupidity from Pegasus but the direct effect of the warning was to stiffen me … so to get away from the horse (light sitting instead of deep seated so, automatically, less good holding in the saddle) and to tighten legs, back, neck, arms and hands … It lasted only a few fractions of a second. A few fractions of a second, during which, if Pegasus had « jumped into the air » I would have had a good chance of finding myself on the ground.

Of course, my reasoning is mainly due to the belief that confident rider – well-riding horse. 😉

Do not make me say what I have not said: if your horse is dangerous – avoid getting it by the first passer-by – you will actually have to warn the potential rider! Question of logic, prudence and respect. My reflection focuses on the small personal fears of the owners (« He is afraid of the spray », « Tightens the noseband if not he flies in the air », « Avoids puddles of water, he will embark »,  » He is stallion, he is dangerous « …

Thank you to you for this little moment, if you pass by here and joyful galloping to all of you!


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