Who am I ?

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Like many of you, it is very small that I fell in love with our equine friends. From their smell to their often beautiful body … Yet I had to wait until the middle of my teens to ride regularly. A small family club but more focused on jumping. I loved these years but I loved dressage even more. I admired (and still admire) these great riders who work with their horses to the breath of the boot  … I have a dream

Then the adult life began and I met an excellent teacher who, with an inimitable frankness made me understand that I was nowhere … Yes, but what should I do ?

When we want, we can! Spread the word!


I had never taken private lessons (well, it’s a budget …) I took one to two a week. Me who never went on a walk, I left 2-3 hours every week. Then I, who had always dreamed of owning myself, had the opportunity to take half-board and in the meantime I also had my own horse …

In short, I did not become a great rider but I learned a lot, especially thanks to these horses whose road I have crossed and which, each in their style, sanctioned my mistakes and rewarded my progress.

It is this passion and  knowledge, always up to date, that I wish to share with you, with respect, joy and  humor!

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